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Resources: Articles, Case Studies, Power BI, Wiki, Client Success Stories, Whitepapers and Marketing Insights from the Roivenue team.


Resources: Articles, Case Studies, Client Success Stories, Whitepapers and Marketing Insights from the Roivenue team.

Analysis: E-shop achieved revenue growth even during COVID crisis doing this simple trick

180% Increase In ROI From Affiliates (TESTS)

How To Simplify Your Multi-Channel Attribution Strategy

ROIVENUE™ named one of the fastest growing SaaS companies

Attribution case study

Roivenue Internship Programme

Roivenue Attribution Features

Roivenue vs Impact

Roivenue vs Sap Hybris

Roivenue vs Google Analytics


Roivenue vs Ignite Tech. (ThinkVine)

Roivenue vs Visual IQ

Roivenue vs C3 Metrics

Roivenue vs Adobe

Roivenue vs Marketing Evolution Comparison

Roivenue vs Conversion Logic

Roivenue vs Neustar Marketshare Comparison

Roivenue vs Analytic Partners

Getting Started With Microsoft Power BI

Google Analytics Skews 20% Of Your Conversion Data

Connecting Marketing Data and CRM with Roivenue Data Integration

An Introduction To Marketing Attribution

Discovering Multi-Touch Attribution

Roivenue Gets Up To 2,2M€ To Scale Up Its Attribution And Data Integration Suite

Don't Worry About Your Privacy, Roivenue's Take On GDPR.

Google Attribution Is Finally Going To Solve All Marketer's Problems. Or Is It?

Roivenue Grew By 430% YOY And Is Doubling Down On Its Attribution Product

Achieving 120% YOY Growth

Customer Acquisition Up 36% On The Same Marketing Spend

Make Conversion Rate Meaningful

Take The Guesswork Out Of Marketing ROI

Attribution Modelling For Dummies (And Marketers)

The Marketing Beast 50/50 Offer For Growing E-Commerce Tigers

ROIVENUE Is Set To Save UK Retailers Billions

ROIVENUE Is Ranked TOP 15 Marketing Attribution Vendors

Biggest Trends We Spotted At DMEXCO 2018: Attribution, CLV And CMO-CFO Relationships

5 Reasons Why Google Analytics Isn't Enough

Here's Why We Decided To Give 10% Of The Company To Our Employees

The Difference Between Rule-Based Attribution And Data-Driven Attribution

Orange Doubles Revenue Thanks To Ad Impression Attribution

Manage Complex Marketing Environments

Slevomat Rides The ROIVENUE™ Wave To Growth

Acquiring And Retaining Better Clients

The Difference Between Data Analysis and Attribution

180% Increase In ROI From Affiliates

Effectively Allocating Your Marketing Budget Across Channels

How To Kick Start Your Referral Program From Sctratch

What Every E-Commerce CMO Needs to Know For 2019

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