Over the years, many of you marketers and data scientists have built numerous reports, dashboards and performed countless analyses on top of ROIVENUE data. 

The work has sometimes been cumbersome. You had to connect data from different endpoints and sometimes the size of files crashed your BI reports. 

We hated that feedback. 

And that's why we made version 2.0 so much better.


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From today, the new Data Exports will enable you to: 


1. Get all the data in one place - no more connecting different tables in your data model. Select all the dimensions and metrics you would like to download and get everything at once.

2. Apply filters. Get rid of unnecessary data. Shave down the size of exports with precision and make your reports run much smoother.

3. Use 5 standardized export methods to get marketing data anywhere you need it. 

a. Google Sheets for quick access to your performance data and easy creation of Google Data Studio reports

b. MSSQL for  easy integration with MS PowerBI

c. MS Azure Storage for exports of large files

d. and .CSV and JSON formats for easy integration with numerous other BI tools.

e. and yes, Google BigQuery and AWS databases are coming soon too!

4. Have it fresh, every day - no more waiting for the data set to be generated. If you save your report, it will regenerate automatically  and be ready for you each morning. 

5. Create up to ten Export files with daily refresh for every ROIVENUE plan.

Why should you care? 

We have always been of the philosophy that “everything that comes in needs to also get out” so that another data silo is not created.

With the new ROIVENUE Data Exports 2.0, you are now able to easily get any performance marketing data to any platform you want to work with within a few minutes. 

And that's mighty powerful. 

Building reports and dashboards will now be about the reports themselves, not about getting the right data.  

On top of that, many business analyses  like cohort analysis and different product, order and customer analytics are at your fingertips. 

What about the old reports? 

We will be deprecating the old version of exports soon. If you are still running any reports on it and need help migrating to 2.0 get in touch with your Client Success Manager. 


Want to try? Just click on the button.

Create my first simple exportDon't know how? Check out tutorial we made for you. Not a client yet? Nevermind, request a free demo.


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