Just a quick summary of how we approach GDPR.

Roivenue values the privacy of it’s clients as well as it’s clients’ users… yada, yada, yada.
Of course we do! For one, it’s a common human decency to do so and for two, there is no value for us in knowing the identity of end customers anyway.

Our clients care about improving the efficiency of their marketing spend overall. That’s what we’ve been helping them achieve from the get go. Neither our clients, nor we are interested in knowing if a particular data point belongs to Joe or Avelyn.


Roivenue never looked at personal information, GDPR or not

- Roivenue never asked or allowed its clients to process personal data like e-mail address within our ecosystem or with the help of our tech.

- Since GDPR broadened the scope of what can be considered personal information to also include so called pseudonymized data like cookies we took extra measures to make sure we adhere to said legislation.


Our current stand on GDPR and adopted measures

- According to the legislation Roivenue is a processor of the personal information of their clients (which applies to all versions of Roivenue).

- Roivenue doesn’t directly work with any personal information possession of which could directly lead to identifying the person’s identity (like IP addresses, or physical addresses).

- Key pieces of data that are needed for Roivenue’s analysis but could potentially in connection with other pieces of data lead to identification of a specific person (like e-mail addresses or UserIDs) are required to be handed to us only in a hashed form without the keys to unhash them.

- We are constantly upgrading our security systems and procedures to make sure we don’t experience a data leak or a data breach.

- A procedure is in place for deleting any information upon the request of any of our client’s users.

- Our post GDPR Terms and Conditions allow us to immediately terminate client’s contract and purge all data in our database connected to that account if we find out any client was in a breach of said Terms and Conditions, thus of GDPR, and most importantly of a common human decency.

If you have any further questions regarding GDPR or privacy you can reach out to us at


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