Quadrupling E-commerce Sales

In a competitive retail environment

Quadrupling E-commerce Sales

In a competitive retail environment

Polish furniture market is teeming with many well-known brands and it is extremely challenging to grow profitably in such an environment. Despite fierce competition, Selsey succeeded in becoming one of Poland's fastest-growing retailers of furniture, bedding and homeware decoration. Learn what's behind the success.


The background

Online retailer Selsey strives to create as much value for their customers as possible, be it through high-quality products or exceptional customer experience. And the in-house digital marketing team plays a critical role in delivering that experience.


One thing was holding back the team's efforts. They were missing the ability to quickly split-test various tactics to ensure immediate growth while continuously raising the long-term performance benchmark.


In case you are launching a lot of experiments, it is better to have a differential media mix that minimizes the dependence on a single supplier and the possible consequences of the failure of a given experiment. On the other hand, such a split makes it difficult to compare the different channels' effectiveness and reflect their actual acquisition power.


                                                            Alina Lysichkina

Alina Lysychkina, Performance Media & Conversion Optimisation Team Leader


Selsey's marketing team already had quite an extensive media mix system that included more than 100 publishers. Therefore, it was necessary to start using a robust attribution tool, which allowed for understanding the interaction of different campaigns and what combination of events affected the desired action. Only then will it be possible to determine the true contribution of a given publisher on user's conversion path.


Using the previous measurement method, Selsey couldn't gain full control over the display campaigns' performance. The antecedent program only provided the team with connectors that gathered marketing data from publisher's panels. The big picture - to understand the overall performance - was still missing.


Rock-solid execution

Digital marketig team wanted to split test a hypothesis. One of the display campaigs (Campaign B in below table) was underperforming, but still had a relatively high CTR, session quality and ROI. 


  CTR Bounce rate Pages per session Session duration ROI
Campaign A 3,87% 62,21% 3,09 01:55 13,05
Campaign B 3,07% 50,10% 2,49 01:46 11,59
Campaing C 3,45% 35,91% 3,45 01:42 20,54


To ensure a high degree of confidence in test results as well as in predicting future growth and profitability, Selsey decided to implement data-driven multi-channel attribution prior to running the split test.


ROIVENUE attribution allowed Selsey to

  • Get more actionable datapoints about traffic channels and campaign performance
  • Find out the exact position of each channel and campaign on the customer journey
  • Realocate budgets between high and low-performing channels as well as campaigns
  • Split-test campaign B and assign a higher budget to the variant once it proved to outperform
  • Adjust offers to match individual steps along the customer journey


Following the in-depth analysis (based on ROIVENUE Path Analysis, Attribution Analysis and Customers Probability Transitions tools), Selsey switched 15% of the marketing investments of the channel to the winning variant of campaign B. This led to an ROI increase of 65%


"This transition ensured unprecedented transparency in ads delivery. Roivenue allows us to adjust the right segments and offers on each sale funnel step." says Alina


Results speak for themselves

Even during the initial 3-month testing phase, it was possible to bring Selsey's performance analytics to the next level and drive increase in sales & return on ad spend.


  • 4,62 times increase in revenue on the campaign B
  • 13% increase in ROI of the campaign B
  • 65% increase in ROI of the total account


Wrap up

Striving to find an attribution model that reflects reality is one of the big challenges for the performance-driven marketing teams.

ROIVENUE attribution solution is a great example of the value that a good attribution tool adds to ecommerce companies. It enables marketers to use budget more efficiently and optimize advertising activities to maximize profits.


We at Selsey are using: 

  1.  Performance tool that includes
  • The dashboard showing the most critical metrics and key performance indicators
  • The performance story with predefined practical charts representing an essential view of performance
  • Monitor showing marginal return on marketing investments in each of the sales funnel steps
  1. Path and Attribution analysis indicating where each channels stands with regards to the customer journey
  1. Customers Story that shows segments and the probability of transitions between segments
  1. Business Intelligence export integrations that allow complex analyses of data in external BI tools

Going forward, Selsey plans to implement Marketing Plans, Finance Track Investments tool and Budget Optimizer to improve campaign performance even further.


Interested in growing sales like Selsey did?

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About Selsey

Selsey is one of the top Polish eCommerce companies growing 130% year by year from 2013, specializing in internet sales of furniture and home decor items. With more than 40k products available to search 24/7, Selsey offers the largest selection of inspiring curated collections at affordable prices, giving their clients the confidence to make the right choice. The company operates in 10+ European markets, including the UK, Germany, France, Poland, Italy, etc., delivering all furniture to the client's doorstep.


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