Introducing ROIVENUE 2.0

Introducing ROIVENUE 2.0

5,000+ hours of programming, 100+ feedback sessions with clients, 2 years of work, billions of datapoints. We’re proudly introducing our best analytics, attribution and optimization software for ecommerce.

We've included all the features that the market wanted. And the best thing is that we are upgrading our customers for free - they can use all the new features at no additional cost.


ROIVENUE 2.0 highlights

There're many improvements over the previous version. The ones that our customers are most excited about are:

  • AI-powered attribution — Our attribution model got a major upgrade and is now based on Recurrent Neural Networks.
  • More granular data — We're adding daily, monthly as well as custom selection data ranges. 
  • Touchpoint-level attribution — Data-driven attribution is now available for all dimensions including campaign, ad group and even custom-made ones.


Feature by feature comparison with previous version

We've put ROIVENUE 2.0 (blue backround) and 1.0 (grey background) side by side to highlight all the improvements.


Look at the data any way you want

  1. Custom date ranges
    any date range

  2. Any comparison period
    custom comparison period

  3. Data granularity 
    any granularity

  4. Easy selection of attribution model
    attribution model selection


Explore any dimension, metric and KPI

  1. Touchpoint-level dimensionsavailable dimensions

  2. Improved process explorer
    new process explorer

  3. New dimensions explorer
    dimensions explorer


Simple data imports and exports

  1. New data connectors
    data connectors


    We also made connectors into a standalone product. Even a small ecommerce brands can now benefit from automating data extraction from advertising platforms thanks to our data connectors free plan (up to 5 connectors).  

  2. More intuitive data exports
    data exports


Easy customization to suit your analytics needs

  1. Personal settings
    customize default view

  2. Create custom dimensions
    custom dimensions

  3. Customize measures
    custom measures


Visit the ROIVENUE 2.0 product page for a detailed product walktrough. 


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