Comparing different vendors based on their website info with heavy marketing lingo or making heads and tails from a few sales pitches can deem a tricky and drudgery task. That’s why we made a structured comparison of 15 key attributions features between Roivenue and Conversion Logic.


Have a look at the full rankings of the Attribution Scorecard 2019


Have a look at our comparison of features across the attribution platforms


Have a look at the full rankings of the Attribution Scorecard 2019

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What is Analytic Partners missing?



A customer visits your Facebook page on his smartphone, checks your website on his laptop and does a purchase on a tablet. Cross-device matching messes customer journeys and a vendor that is not able to account for that serves a skewed results to his clients.




Simple math: Ad served ≠ Ad viewed.nove2

​Viewability helps to count only impressions that are actually seen by the user. With ad fraud going through the roof, providers who are not able to distinguish between served and viewed impressions are not doing their clients a good service.




separate-acquisition-and-retention_5_origWe don't have to tell you that it costs 5–10 times more to attract a new customer than to keep an old one. You probably also know that totally different channels, tactics and messaging are used for these two separate disciplines. So why would you work with a provider that puts all that in the same bucket?
Calculating attribution for acquisition campaigns together with those targeted at repeated buyers just makes no sense at all. Just saying.





We hate silos.asdfasdf
Companies today have a lot of data centers and clients don't have to be loc
ked out of it. A reasonable question to ask would be whether your vendor is providing you with the opportunity to make a further use of those data. Wide-ranging possibilities of data usage can help you to produce a meaningful analysis - doesn't matter if you are marketer, analyst or just curious.




customer-lifetime-value_8_origUsing CLV, marketers get a powerful tool to help them invest in channels and users with the biggest potential in the long-term. Once you know your cost of acquisition and your CLV, you can get on real stuff - optimizing. Simply put, you can spend more money on acquisition because you simply know it is gonna do wonders. That is exactly how the fastest growing players increase the value of their customer base. Not having this capability within the system on the other hand is then a pity at least. More likely a disaster if you think about it.



mxWhy all the fuss about the impression based attribution or view-throughs? Savvy marketers know that they should not overlook the value gained from impressions. Why? Let's say someone saw your display ad 6 times. He never clicked on it once, but two weeks later made a direct visit to your site and bought. Without impression-based attribution you would never know that direct conversion actually originated from those display ads.
Some people might have forgotten that that’s exactly the reason why you do display ads in the first place. To make your brand recognizable so that you become the brand of choice when the need for your stuff finally arises within the your customers’s head.


What does Roivenue offer on top of that?

  • A dedicated Customer Success Manager (no, we don't mean an outsourced chat support person but a person who has helped CMOs of many brands with attribution before you).
  • Eight week training programme as a part of the deal.
  • Discount for longer commitment.​​
  • Experienced Business Consultants that can help you make meaningful budgetary decisions.
  • A chance to be a beta-tester of our new features and have a reasonable chance on influencing the future development of the product.
  • Team that breaths to accommodate any needs you may have.​
  • Unlimited number of users.
  • Share data easily with your agency.
  • Integrate unlimited amount of goals.


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