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What is it like to be a part of the fast growing start-up? From day one, being at the vanguard of the change has been our bedrock. Things move fast and so are we at Roivenue.

So who's running this engine?
Our team of sharp and talented marketers, ex-agency people, data scientists and software developers. What ties us all together? We strive to lift heavy weights and we believe in what we do. 

Together we have built a tool to help marketers bring big decisions. Between us, we've helped dozens of businesses to grow exponentially.

The most exciting part? We’re just getting started. Join us!


Why you should join us


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Besides working side by side with brilliant people, some perks that come with joining us here at Roivenue are


  • A great start-up work environment with flexible working hours and growth opportunities
  • Experience the growing environment of a start-up from early its days to our evolution as a meaningful player
  • Be on the ground floor in an exciting, expanding industry​​
  • Experience with developing cutting-edge web and analytics platforms
  • Work with big brands and international clients
  • Share options for every full-time employee - read more about it here
  • Relocation bonus for moving to Prague from another country or even from another Czech city
Company beer/BBQ every  month, fridge full of beers after 5PM, plus irregular board game evenings and other activities - see our Instagram for that

Full-time positions


Sales, Client Success & Operations

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Software Development


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Marketing & Communications


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