ROIVENUE™, a marketing multi touch data attribution platform, was tasked to help increase revenue of Slevomat while keeping the overall marketing budget at the same level.


Slevomat is the #1 experience deals site on the Czech and Slovak market with over 2 million satisfied clients.

Currently, Slevomat is leading the way by using a data-driven attribution approach to marketing channels optimization. For a company always looking to edge the competition and spend money wisely Slevomat challenged ROIVENUE™ with this goal and the platform delivered incredible return on investment of over 19% within key marketing channels.


q1         The Process


By analyzing the current performance of Slevomat’s digital marketing mix, the ROIVENUE™ platform was able to quickly:


1. Break down all incoming traffic into 45 meaningful manageable channels​


2. Analyze ROI performance of said channels based on data-driven attribution models


3. Identify performance and propose budget reallocation to channels with higher ROI


This allowed the ROIVENUE™ team to analyze the campaign’s limit saturation, and find opportunities for growth using ROIVENUE’s Budget Optimizer feature. The optimization process was to reallocate budget from low performing channels to those identified by the ROIVENUE™ attribution suite as high performing channels.


q1         Results


Using ROIVENUE™ Budget Optimizer the Client Success Team recommended a two wave course of action.


During the first wave, the data collected suggested that Slevomat increase their spend on Facebook and Adwords by only 0.20%. Basically the overall budget wasn’t changed, but reshuffling budgets between channels resulted in revenue increase by +19.67% and ROI increase by +19.41%.


During the second wave, the ROIVENUE™ Budget Optimizer aggregated the marketing attribution data to suggest a focus of marketing efforts on the Criteo platform.The ROIVENUE™ Client Success team suggested to split Criteo ROI measurement from one overall channel to three distinct channels within then traditional funnel: Upper, Middle, and Lower level.​


This allowed Slevomat to use ROIVENUE’s multi-touch attribution models to optimize budget spending precisely in the section of the funnel that would give them the greatest marketing ROI.


By redistributing budget from more saturated parts of the funnel to the lesser saturated ones, (the ones with higher ROI according to data driven attribution), overall ROI of the platform went up.This time, budget was slightly decreased, and even with that and proper budget split the overall performance resulted in revenue increase by 5.92% and marketing ROI boost by 12.64%.​


“Optimizing only selected channels with ROIVENUE™ during the initial phase assured us that data driven approach is the right way. Moreover, the level of ROIVENUE’s support was just phenomenal.”


David Matoušek, ​CMO Slevomat


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