What Happens When You Try to Replicate Our Service and What Can Be Learned

“If you think it’s expensive hiring a professional to do a job, try hiring an amateur” 


This might have happened to you before:


One of your customers attempts to recreate or replace your product or service. We see it all the time. As they all discover: it’s not easy and it gets expensive fast.


How expensive? This one company spent 3x our yearly fee in a week trying to implement what they were already getting with us. This was even before we updated our pricing. At this time, the cheapest ROIVENUE licence was €1,100/month. 


Lucky for us, this client was able to share their experience lightheartedly: 





We get it, the temptation to do it yourself is always there. Good on them for giving it a go. That’s what life is all about isn’t it?


Another truth of business: A knowledgeable customer is the best kind. There’s no fulfillment in selling something that isn’t worthwhile but to have someone who spent the resources trying to do it themselves? 

That’s someone who truly understands: 

  1. the value of your product
  2. the effort you go through to make your product the best that it can possibly be.


And even though not all of our clients attempt this, we know that we’re providing value.

Over the last few years we have continuously increased the average lifetime of our relationship with clients.

We hope that we can continue to move forward with this client, helping them to achieve their goals. If you want to see why we’re irreplaceable then sign up for a demo in 30 seconds or less.



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