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How to quadruple ecommerce sales | Selsey case study

Learn how furniture retailer Selsey utilized multi-touch attribution to grow campaign revenue four times and marketing ROI by 65%.

Nail down the exact ROI of your channels | Vodafone case study

Connect your Adobe Analytics data with cost data using ROIVENUE AI Data-driven attribution and Data feeds feature

Econea Sees Positive ROI Using ROIVENUE Within the First 3 Months

Recommendations based on ROIVENUE's data-driven attribution models saved Econea over 15% of its total monthly marketing budget during the first wave of optimization. 

180% Increase in ROI From Affiliates

Separating affiliate partners who bring real value from those who are only cannibalizing your marketing budget can be a nightmare. Read how Axa Assistance separated the bad affiliate publishers from the good ones with Roivenue's attribution solution.

Orange Doubles Revenue Thanks to Ad Impression Attribution

Read about how with a smarter budget redistribution among different placements, Orange and Digline were able to double sales revenue with the same ROAS.

Connecting Internal and Data with Roivenue Integration

When it comes to tracking your business performance, you don't have to limit yourself. Explore how Sazka, GroupM, and Ušetř are connecting their data and expanding their business success with Roivenue's Data Integration.

Acquiring and Retaining Better Clients

We helped this lender mitigate risk through targeting better clients and improving its online loan application processes.

Customer Acquisition Up 36% on the Same Marketing Spend

Read about how we helped this vibrant e-shop ( use its data more effectively to increase its customer base in the most cost-effective way possible.

Achieving 120% YOY Growth

What does it take to manage 14 E-Shops in 7 countries? Read about how we helped achieving 120% YOY growth on E-Commerce project, speed up the whole process of growth and decision making with Roivenue.

Slevomat Rides the ROIVENUE™ Wave to Growth

ROIVENUE™, a marketing multi-touch data attribution platform, was tasked to help increase the revenue of Slevomat while keeping the overall marketing budget at the same level. ​