The Story

What constitutes a good acquisition campaign?

It should be able to bring in new customers. But we try to look a lot deeper in this analysis, by evaluating ROI of this acquisition and also activity of the new user. It is always great to have a new customer. But even better, these newcomers should be coming back and making subsequent orders. And in the best case scenario, these subsequent orders should be bringing interesting margin into the business. So in acquisition campaigns template be ready to find out, which of your acquisition campaigns kicks the most ass!

It is a retrospective look into your previous efforts of customer acquisition. Therefore, your next steps after learning about results of this analysis is looking into which campaign have been brining most valuable customers and try to replicate their success. Valuable insigts can be obtained from looking at target audiences of the most successfull campaigns.

To be able to compare quality of acquired users between used channels and campaings, Roivenue team has designed a tailor made index for this case. It follows this logic:

We want the acquisition campaings to:

  1. Attract customers with high overall margin

  2. Attract customers who make subsequent orders

  3. Have low customer acquisition cost

 From this logic, CKI index has been born:



s = total count of orders per acquired user

m = average margin on orders from acquired user

c = cost of user acquisition

Results rank channels and campaings from most valuable according to their ability to bring in high value customers. Analysis also presents other supporting calculations:

Acquired users = how many users have been acquried by a campaign in the given time period

Cost per new user = cost of user acquisition order

Revenue per acquired user = average total revenue per acquired user

Profit per acquired user = average total profit per acquired user

Acquisition ROI = Profit per acquired user / Cost per new user

User margin = average of margin on all orders made by the acquired user

Acquired sequence = average number of orders per acquired user

How to use and prerequisites?

Select your account, generate export link to Power BI and input this link into the dashboard.

Prerequisites are:

  • Loaded transactions from web analytics

  • Order feed connected

Utilized endpoints:

  • Performance data
  • Web transactions
  • OMS Orders

Dashboard Walkthrough

This simple analysis contains single page, which presents results of the described analysis. After loading the data, you are presented with the  dashboard.

First step is to look to the right side of the page and set subset of data you want to look at. By default, you are looking at all loaded data from the selected time period. Use right side slicers to define a business unit, platform, channel, campaign or join string. Join string is a special dimension used for this analysis, which combines date and ad campaign. It serves primarily as a join for cost per order, but feel free to use it in the analysis.

Unfiltered dataset presents campaigns with their calculated evaluation metrics. Last metric of the table is CKI, which ranks the campaings by percieved quality of acquired users. Values of CKI are conditionally formatted to dynamic values of its result. In some cases (as is the one on the screenshot) an outlier value can skew the visual presentation of results. As this index is based on monetary value of cost which is likely to be different for each Roivenue account, there are no fixed values to refer to with this index. Therefore, see is as a comparative measure not to be used outside of this analysis.

Acquisition campaigns