As a manager of multiple marketing channels,
you have to answer different questions which arise during your analyses.

From the general questions like:

  • “What are most profitable days?”
  • “How is my channel performance doing compared
    to the last year?”
  • “How profitable are my channels during the year?”


To the very specific questions and deep questions:

  • "What is the ratio between the %of investment and %of revenue brought by a channel?"
  • "What channel is driving the most valuable conversions?"
  • "How are my Facebook Ads doing compared to last month in terms of margin return on marketing investment?"


Before you download the template,
be sure you can see data in performance monitor.

How to use?

Roivenue Export → PowerBI → and copy your URL parameters into the template.


General Overview

This reports gives you both managerial and very deep analytical overview of every channel.

In the first list you can see the bar chart with:

  • revenue
  • margins
  • gross profit
  • comparison with the last year values

In terms of return on marketing investment, The calendar gives you detailed overview of every single day and highlights the most efficient ones.


channel performance_roivenue

Channels Performance

The second list shows you the detailed table with relevant metrics for all the channels

In the scatter chart, the value and the amount of conversion for each channel is represented, on the X line with number of conversions, on the Y line with the revenue per conversion. In the bar chart on the right side you can identify the over-invested or under-invested channel in terms of their % share on total in both revenue and investment.

channel performance2_roivenue

Weekly and monthly dashboards


Lastly, the dashboard of weekly and monthly performance provides you with the comparison
with the last period for the metrics like  values like:

  • Revenue
  • Revenue per conversion 
  • Margin Return on Marketing investment