Roivenue Extensions

Marketing Plans



Where are you headed? How can you be sure without setting up plans and measuring proper goals?

This Power BI dashboard gives you ultimate look into what are you doing and how well are you standing against your target.  The report is divided into two pages - Absolute goals (ie. whether you want to maximize your profit) or Proportion goals (ie. whether you need to keep marketing investment ratio on a certain level). Absolute goals show you cumulative metrics and its development in time. Both dashboards show your cumulative numbers but also give you detailed numbers through time.

“You don’t know what are you doing until you put a target on it.”
“If you can’t measure it, you can’t double it.”


Before you download the template, be sure you have set up goals in Roivenue (Marketing Goals).

How to use?

Roivenue Export → PowerBI → and copy your URL parameters into the template. Then you need to enable the table “marketing plans”

Absolute goals

The most crucial thing for the dashboard is to select Scope type for which the dashboard should be shown.


Following with selecting of Model code which will determine the metric that should be observed. Lastly, forecast ID needs to be selected in order to distinguish between the concrete plan for the previously selected scope and metric.



After the initial setup of the dashboard, you should be able to see concrete visualization of the plan and the reality. First graph on the upper-left side showing you cumulative metric in time compared.
The bar chart on the right side compares reality and the target in the selected time periods.

Detailed numbers are displayed in the table. Planned and real metric values are prepared for comparison in both cumulative and static form for the selected time frames.




The indicator of the planned total and real numbers are displayed in the form of gauge graph and recalculated in the % of hitting the target.





A similar selection of the scope and metric is required on the second page.

After selecting the right relative metric, you are able to see the table with results of relative indicators and a line graph with visualization of a metric in time.