Monitor your daily performance

  • investment
  • impressions
  • clicks
  • visits
  • conversions
  • revenue
  • gross profit

 We all love Roivenue Performance Monitor but sometimes we want to see data on daily or monthly basis, not just weekly. For this purpose, we prepared this great template, where you have the most important metrics, ratios on daily and monthly basis.


Before you download the template, be sure you have some visible data in Performance Monitor.

How to use?

You just need to go to Roivenue Export → PowerBI → and copy your URL parameters into the template.


Monitor has 5 different slicers.

Slicer for:

  • Business Unit
  • Platform Code
  • Channel Code
  • Date
  • Measure slicer

Measure slicer is an important slicer here, be sure that one of the measure is chosen otherwise you will not see any data.




Crucial Metrics

On the right of the report you see set of several metrics and dimensions.

These metrics change based on your choice in Metric slicer:
  • Used attribution model – it is not influenced by slicers
  • Metric Title – Showing name of chosen metric. In our example is Total Clicks.
  • Metric Selector – Showing sum of chosen metric.
  • Ratio Title – Showing ratio, which is related to chosen metric. In our example is Click Rate.
  • Ratio Selector – Showing result of Ratio Title.




Chosen set of Metrics by Year and Month

Chart combining two different metrics.

Red column chart represents chosen metric and black line chart related ratio. X axis represents time on year/month granularity.

In the report is also chart called Chosen set of Metrics by Date, which is the chart of same type, but data is on daily granularity.




Daily Overview

Showing Performance Data on daily basis.

Slicers – Daily Overview contains 4 slicers, which are the same like on the previous page.



Daily Overview is based on one big visual, which is table on the right. Table contains all metrics we could find on the first page, like:

  • Marketing Investment
  • Impressions
  • Visit Ratio


etc. All data is on daily level.